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Designers and Builders of Custom Homes

If you want to build a home that suits you and meets your expectations, GREAT ROOM is the leading builder of custom houses. We offer a wide range of traditional, family and modern homes. In addition, our homes and plans are editable and customizable to your needs: extra bedroom, dressing room, large garage, etc. They also adapt to different types of houses. Our company offers you excellent quality services, specializes in home improvement as well as residential remodeling and Additions on Homes in York, ME.

GREAT ROOM is the Building Construction Company in Newington, NH and we work together around your project to design your house (traditional, contemporary or modern), taking into account your choice of architecture, layout, materials and finishes. We are dedicated to offer a work of design and architecture and custom tailored not affect the cost of your building. Our Company and partners are loyal and are always the same to intervene to ensure consistent quality. Indeed, expertise and quality of realization, GREAT ROOM able to appeal to many customers and this, for several years.

We are the premier Custom House Builder in Portsmouth, NH, building customized homes with quality design, superior features and responsibility. Our custom homes builder offers you a unique and original house with its architecture in adapting to your vision of the house and choice of ground, within your budget. Our specialty is creating distinctive luxury houses that stand out as designs of new, innovative and timeless homes. Our functional and creative compared to today's lifestyles and incorporate traditional design timeless and Unique House Plans in West Newbury. When you are looking for residential general contractors, visit at